World’s Largest Wiring Harness Company

1 of 3 vehicles worldwide has YAZAKI Wire Harness

1 of 2 vehicles worldwide has a YAZAKI Component


Yazaki India is a part of Yazaki Corporation, Japan. An independent automotive component maker founded in Japan in 1941. Yazaki is a global leader in the research, development and delivery of vehicle power and data solutions for automotive applications. Yazaki produces wire harnesses, power distribution & control products, connectors, driver information systems, sensors and hybrid & electric vehicle products. With nearly 290,000 employees in more than 45 countries, Yazaki is one of the world’s largest privately owned auto suppliers with a Turnover of 17.0 billion USD.


Yazaki India stands strong with a family of over 12,000 employees spread across 8 locations, 11 plans, 2 offices and 2 Technical Centers. With state of the art Research & Development center certified by DSIR we have our own In house testing facilities providing Value add Services to our customers. At Yazaki India we are associated with Japanese OEMs, Europeon OEMs, North America OEMs and major Indian Auto Manufacturers. Defined by an unyielding commitment to the success of our customers, Yazaki has become a valued supplier to virtually every major automotive manufacturer in the world. Every day we put our resources to work for one specific purpose to help our customers achieve success.

We are expanding and looking for big thinkers who will continue our legacy of Innovation and Customer satisfaction. Opportunities available in various functions and locations as mentioned.


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